About IRA

Ira Franco is a dedicated and certified Life Coach. Through coaching, Ira provides the necessary tools and services enabling individuals and businesses to attain the results they have been striving to achieve.  
In 1986, Ira graduated with Honors from the School of Business at the University of Lima, in Peru.
She is a certified coach from CoCrear and had taken courses of assertiveness, PNL and Emotional Intelligence.
Ira is a CUG (Coach U Graduate) and proud member of the Coach U family, a worldwide leader in coach training accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), from which she is a member as well.  
Ira’s unique character and experiences, matched with her enthusiasm, honesty, and dedication, create an exceptional coaching partner.





"Working with Ira taught me to be honest with myself.  I learned to believe that only I can help myself  and nobody can do this for me. I changed the way I live before and learned to say "NO" to food I do not have to eat. I can do whatever I want to do on my own and without  any diet that failed not once for the last 20 years. I started enjoy to do  exercise and made a commitment to succeed."

Raisa N

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